Blumen Boas International Shipping

Please be sure to read our Terms page for more information

  1. I am CITES Master File approved which means that I have my CITES export permits in hand - no waiting for International Shipping!I can ship an animal out in a matter of a day or two instead of weeks once payment has been made.
  2. I do not have a minimum order amount.
  3. There is a $350.00 charge that is added to all International Orders. This charge covers the CITES filing fees, box/crate and shipping supplies for the animal(s), U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspection fee, live animal fee, and any export broker fees.
  4. If your country needs a Health Certificate for the import, there is an additional charge of $150.00. This fee covers my visit to the Vet to acquire the Health Certificate and the U.S. Fish And Wildlife fee.
  5. All shipping charges are to be pre-paid by the customer. All animals must arrive at a port in or near your country with a Customs office for clearance of the animal.
  6. We guarantee that your animal(s) will arrive alive and healthy. An inspection by you of the animal must take place at the airport. We have a 7 day guarantee, and we will give you a full credit on any animal that dies within the 7 days. An official veterinary report on the deceased animal must be supplied along with photos.