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I used the Boa Forum on Kingsnake as one source of many for information way-back-when, and it was a good source of information. When reading the forum and the threads that I saved below, I advise keeping in mind that it is a public forum and as such you will see many different views and opinions (some good, some bad). The threads below are only threads that I personally felt I needed to keep because of relevant information or for my personal interests. Hopefully they might help you answer a question or two, even though some posts are older than 10 years...

Click the thread title below to reveal the rest of the thread. I have tried to separate the threads that I have saved into 7 categories: Breeding Boas, Neonate Care, General Husbandry, Genetics, Sharp Info, Business Info, and "Other" Info.

Kingsnake Forum threads on Sharp boas: