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Updated January 29, 2017

We have posted all of our 2017 baby boas on our available boas page. The highlight of our season is that we bred our Hypo Eclipse male to a Hypo Leopard, which produced Eclipse boas (Colombian Motley Leopard) and some possible Super Hypo Leopards. We also produced some nice looking Aztec het Leopards, which may lead to something interesting in a few years! The visual Aztec and Leopard combo has not yet been made.

If there is something you might be looking for, that we don't currently have, shoot us an email, text us, or use our Contact Us form, and we will add you to our no-obligation waiting list. Once babies have been born, we will reach out and ask if you are still interested.

I was asked by Reptiles Magazine last year to put together a Boa Constrictor Care Guide covering captive care and husbandry tips, some boa morphs, proper caging/food/heat/humidity, handling tips, etc. Basically everything a first-time boa keeper would need to know to keep a boa happy and healthy. The article appears in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue, and it also includes pictures of some of our boas. You should be able to find the magazine by contacting Reptiles Magazine and asking for back issues. If you take a look at the article, feel free to give me feedback, I would love to hear if you liked it (or not)!

Blumen Boas Reptiles Magazine article

Blood Boa Constrictor

Take a look at our Available Boas

Currently we have some beautiful Hytec (Hypo Aztec) het Leopards (the Aztec Leopard combo has not yet been produced), and a Motley Aztec het Leopard (also, the Motley, Aztec, Leopard combo has not yet been produced). From 2015, we have a Pastel het Anery and an Anery Motley boa available. From 2014, we have a Hypo Eclipse boa, and a het Blood that could make a Blood 50% Hog Island boa (pictured here). If you are looking for something a little older, we have a 2013 female Motley 66% possible het Eclipse boa still available.

Sharp Snow Boa Constrictor

Our Collection of Boas

A wide assortment of boa morphs

Take a look at our collection of boas, including some "world firsts" that we produced, like the Sharp Strain Snow pictured here. We have additional photos of each of our animals so you can see how they change as they mature. We maintain a relatively small collection to make sure we have the time and resources needed to properly care for each of our pets.


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We list our boa litters as they have happened over the years, with photos of the litters too!

A short list of some of the various Boa Morphs - there are many more than what we have listed!

Some of our favorites from the Kingsnake Boa Forum - from back when people used forums...

Find out the defintion of recessive, dominant, codominant, heterozygous, etc.

Find out what the terms BCI, BCC, Ovoviviparous, Slug, Viviparous, etc. mean.

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